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The PMI-20 36 CNC Auto Miter Upcut Saw is a fully automatic upcut miter saw that is built and designed to cut aluminum extrusions, profiles, and other non-ferrous materials (copper, brass, plastics).

Standard Features & Equipment:

  • 10 HP Saw Motor
  • Servo Controlled, Powered Saw Head Rotation – 60 degrees to the left and right
  • Built-in Automatic Pusher System – Servo Controlled
  • Touchscreen Control
  • 1200 RPM Saw Blade Speed
  • Full Control of the Feed Rate – Fully Hydraulic
  • Vertical and Horizontal Clamping
  • Adjustable Clamping Pressure
  • 36” Diameter Saw Blade
  • 12.6” Maximum Sawing Height
  • 20.87” Maximum Sawing Width

Cut Chart:

PMI-20 36 Auto Cut Chart











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