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  • Welded steel frame
  • Automatic load and unload
  • Security devices with photocell on front side (for automatic start button machine )
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Electromechanical motor system
  • Maintenance free
  • Silent operation


  • 230 V – 3 Ph – 60 Hz


    ●       Useful length max.

    2500 mm


    ●       Useful length min.

    300 mm


    ●       Useful height max.

    1250 mm


    ●       Useful height min.

    200 mm


    ●       Depth max.

    800 mm



    ●       Pass-line height (loading)

    500 - 700 mm

    19.7 – 27.56”

    ●       Pressing strength

    0-1200 Kg


    ●       Voltage



    ●       Installed power

    3 kw

    3 kw

    ●       Overall weight

    1400 kg

    2866 lbs.

    ●       Space occupied

    6500 x 1000 x 2200

    255.9 x 39.37 x 86



    ●       AUTOMATIC

    • This is the standard working cycle. The operator inserts the cabinet inside

    the machine, pushes start button and waits until the cycle finished.  The clamp pressure elements automatically open and eject the cabinet via conveyor.




    ●       To regulate the vertical pressure, turn potentiometer VERTICAL FRAME at


    ●       To regulate the horizontal pressure, turn potentiometer HORIZONTAL FRAME at anytime.


    Description of working cycle (standard machine):

    ●       After you place the cabinet on the conveyor the cabinet moves into the clamp and the machine cycle begins.

    At the same time, horizontal frame will descend and touch the cabinet

    before ascending and positioning itself 1-2 cm from the top of the cabinet.

    ●       The vertical frame moves the cabinet and begins to press the side of cabinet.

    ●       After that the horizontal frame will press the cabinet from the top.

    ●       The pressing starts with a low pressure and proceeds to the established

    time and force of pressing.

    ●       In case of electricity failure during the pressing, there is no risk because the

    cabinet stays in position as the machine cannot move.



    ●       Heavy duty welded frame with CNC precision milling.

    ●       40mm diameter hardened guides that keep the pressing frames in true parallel.

    ●       Lateral pressing bar gearbox with clutch for furniture protection

    ●       Security devices with photocell on front and back side 

    ●       Dual pressing frames (horizontal & vertical) square the box to the fixed  reference of the machine.

    ●       Closing force is accomplished by a gearbox and steel reinforced tooth belt with dual pressing frames (horizontal & vertical)

    ●       Patented double pulley traveler system. This traveler system quadruples motor power and transfers it to the pressing frame to ensure square closing of boxes with multiple fixed shelves. Power is adjustable to both horizontal and vertical pressers.  This system is superior to pneumatic cylinders as Bonacin allows precise pressure regulation. It is faster than screw systems. 

     ●       Standard with loading conveyor and full automatic press and ejection

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