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easyAPP Model 0165


The 0165 is a pneumatic fed single glue gun for metered glue dispersion.

It consists of a stainless steel tank and cover with four closing hooks.  The system includes a 4 meter long hose and an anatomic grip gun.  The entire system is mounted on a four wheeled mobile cart with a handle, shelf and hose hanging hook.  The timer for adjusting the glue dispersion is mounted under the shelf.

Unlike traditional glue guns, this unit has two adjustments:

- glue flow acting on the ring positioned on the back of the gun

- extrusion time through a timer.  Unscrewing the knob on the timer decreases the extrusion time and the opposite is true for increasing extrusion time.

Fields of Application:

- Ideal for small and medium shops processing both panels and solid wood where a constant amount of glue delivery and regulation are required.

- Window and door shops using tenon and slots

- All shops using dowel construction

Glue Features:

- Use of PVA glues only

- Viscosity between 6,000 - 12,000 mPa's

- Working temperature 65 F


After daily use remove possible glue residue by washing the nozzle with cold water using the provided 0044 tap fitting and leaving it completely immersed in the container of water to the side of the feeder.  This operation is necessary to avoid glue hardening in the nozzle.


- Fast and practical gluing reducing process times

- Remarkable glue savings and quality improvement as well as a better glue bond

Accessories and nozzles:

There are a vast assortment of available nozzles depending on the parts to be glued.  Custom made nozzles can be produced for any specification.




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