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  • Welded steel frame
  • Ribbed cast iron tables
  • Adjustable heavy duty anodized aluminum fence
  • Lever adjustment of infeed table
  • Surface planer tables with opening opposite to the operator
  • Thickness table lifting via 4 industrial jack screw columns
  • Spiral serrated infeed roller



  • 220 V – 3 Ph – 60 Hz (specify at order)
  • Main switch lock out


·        Total table length

1800 mm


·        Max. working width of tables

410 mm


·        Fence / Tilt

1670 x 150 mm
90° - 45°

65.75 x 5.9”

·        Feed Speed (planer)

7 m/min

23 f/min

·        Min / Max working height (planer)

3.5 / 230 mm

.13 / 9.05

·        Min working length (planer)

180 mm


·        Recommended Max. depth of cut

4 mm

.16 “

·        Cutterblock diameter

72 mm


·        Cutter speed

5200 RPM


·        Motor power (s6)

6 kw

8 hp

·        Machine weight

330 kg

728 lbs

·        Dust port  (2)

120 mm


·        Overall Machine Dimensions (with mortiser)

2200 x 1540 mm

86.6 x 60.6”



USA           Version with measurement in inches and UL Components

CA1565     PFS 41 Combination 16” Jointer/ Planer

CA3603     Spiral spindle with 3 sets of knives
CA3601     Maintenance kit for spiral spindle

CA3116     Bridge planer protection     

CA4107     Handwheel with gravitational readout

CA3113     Three phase motor 6kW 8Hp @ 60Hz


Cast iron, CNC machined tables

 Jointer tables move on parallelogram path with shaped connecting shafts

Simultaneous surface table opening

-   Allows for quick changeovers and accurate re-positioning

-   Efficient dust extraction for jointer and planer

-   Machine can be placed against a wall 

 Cutting unit

-   Helical steel infeed roller

-   Efficient dust extraction port 

Spiral cutter block:

·        66 knife system

·        15x15x2.5 mm knives

·        4 self-locking and self-centering cutting edges

·        Quiet 

Industrial Planer Table

- Thicknessing table with four industrial jack screw columns for raising and lowering the table. Guarantees stability and accuracy of the table.

 Flip-over fence for thin parts

- Unique feature to allow operator to have more surface area exposed and with less interference from the tall fence. This allows for better handling of parts and is a safer solution when machining small or thin parts.

 Fence angles to 45 deg.

Hand wheel with gravitational readout 

Cutter block protection 

 - Bridge style guard cover



Seller warrants, for a period of one (1) year beginning on the date the Machinery is accepted, that the Machinery will be free of defects in workmanship and materials, excluding belts, bearings, and common electrical parts, which carry a six-month warranty. This warranty does not include parts consumed during normal operation (wearable items), working units, or maintenance required in the ordinary course of operation.  Seller shall warrant any replacement spare parts and accessories installed pursuant to this warranty for the period of ninety (90) days. 


Tooling, including blades, is not included unless noted.  Upon request, we can supply a quotation of the most suitable tools required for use on this machine. 



This Quotation is valid for a period of thirty (30) days from the date hereon.

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