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Automatic 4 rollers gluing machine for hotmelt glues (PUR, EVA)

ment procedure of rollers for maintenance is simplified, with supports divided in half and “bayonet” coupling.

It is moreover possible to equip the machine with different accessories, like

Four rollers gluing machine for hotmelt glues (PUR, EVA), to glue various types of material like MDF, chipboard, plywood, composite materials, plastic, rubber, glass, steel, aluminium.

Hotmelt glues are structural glues, which chemically react with air humidity. When dried, they become practically waterproof.

Whit this machine it is possible to glue where traditional glues have bonding troubles. Rollers are heated from inside by means of electric resistances immersed in diathermic oil. A PLC with touch screen interface system manages and controls all the functions.

Standard version has gluing roller covered with silicone resistant to high temperatures with a diameter of 250 mm. and dosing rollers covered in chrome with a diameter of 215 mm. It is possible to have two or 4 heated rollers. Working width is available from 400 to 2000 mm.

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