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The Joos Junior III 4 x 8 Hot Press is designed for the small shop and has gained wide acceptance as the veneer and plastic laminate press of the custom shop nationwide.  The Joos Junior is especially suitable for companies that want to laminate wood veneer and plastic laminate to a substrate with white glue, thus eliminating VOC emissions from contact adhesives.

Loading and unloading of the Joos Junior III is considerably easy due to the sliding lower platen. Liquid thermostats guarantee reduced energy consumption and protect the platens from overheating.  The Joos Junior III is manufactured with a heavy construction, gold anodized heating platens, and four open sides for step-pressing.  The details make the difference, which results in significant advantages to your operation.  The Joos Junior is also is available in a high-output model (8900watt) for shorter cycle times.

Technical Specifications

Total Pressing Surface 49.2" x 98.4"
Specific Pressure (full load) 2 kp / cm2
Type Of Pressure 14 flexible pressure tubes, 2 layers - TUV controlled
Press Opening Height 120mm (4.75 inches)
Closing Time 4 - 10 seconds
Pressing Time 2 - 5 min. (2 sides)
Timer Micro Chronometer
Stroke 120 mm
Special Electric Platen 1 top, 1 bottom
Hard Gold Anodized Surface 2500 X 1250 X 9mm
Operating Temperature Up to 120°C
Heater Controls Thermostat Control (2)
Weight Approx. 5,500 lbs.
Overall Dimensions 2800 mm long (110 in.) x 1450 mm wide (57 in.)

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