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 Busellato uses 3-dimensional solid modeling systems to design its working centers which are built with a mobile beam and stationary basement. The beam moves in a longitudinal direction with respect to the basement (X axis) and supports a pair of carriages which determine the movement of the Y and Z axes.  The X and Y axes define a plane parallel to the floor and the Z axis moves up and down perpendicular to this plane. This configuration allows a remarkable reduction in the machine’s overall size and improves the machine’s performance and functionality.The basement and the beam are made of electrically welded steel and are ribbed and strengthened internally to guarantee maximum rigidity even under intense working.The structures undergo a thermally-controlled normalization cycle.


All phases of assembly undergo conformity checks according to special testing procedures.  The alignment of all the linear guides is carried out using an electronic level guaranteeing straightness and parallelism tolerances to be within 0.02 mm per linear meter.  On all machines, positioning precision and bi-directional repeatability of the axes is checked using an interferometer laser system. Bi-directional positioning precision is guaranteed within a tolerance of ±0.05 mm.To complete the dynamic tests carried out on the machines, the interpolation of the axes (circularity) is tested with the Ball-Bar Renishaw device.An electrical test of the whole system is carried out on each machine according to CEI EN 60204-1 legislation.


X AXIS - Movement of the X axis is by rack and pinion with convex, helicoidal teeth, made of hardened and tempered steel which undergoes a thermal carburizing treatment and successive hardening. A lubricating film is applied to the teeth, eliminating the need for lubrication during the life of the machine. The pinion is splined directly on a high precision planetary gearbox.Precision of the movement along the X axis is guaranteed by a measurement with laser instrumentation and software management of the calibration curve to guarantee an absolute measurement with time.The mobile beam moves on high precision pre-loaded ball runner blocks and linear guides made of rectified and hardened steel. Ball runner blocks for all axes are equipped with a seal guaranteeing maximum protection from dirt and dust.

Y and Z AXES - The carriages for these axes are made from an aluminum alloy with highly rigid mechanical properties. Movement of these axes is by ball nut with pre-loaded lead screw in order to guarantee high speeds with minimal wear.The carriages are mounted on pre-loaded ball runner blocks which slide on very high precision linear guides made of rectified and hardened steel.  Z axis motor and ball screws are sized to avoid the need for pneumatic assistance.  All axes are driven by AC brushless motor fed and controlled by digital drives.


Busellato installs a centralized dust extraction system, with a single large pipe mounted on the head.  The system automatically diverts collection between the main electrospindle and drilling head to maximize efficiency.  In addition, Busellato supplies a 4-way VECTOR air blast system consisting of four pipes pointing in + and - X and + and - Y direction to blow air behind the cutting tool to greatly enhance dust extraction.  The NC control automatically manages the supply of air to one of the four pipes according to the direction the machine is moving.


The machine is equipped with a central lubrication system with progressive distribution.  The system has a single feeding point for the group of distributors, which send automatically and safely, an adequate volume of lubrication to each lubrication point.  The grease reservoir and pump are permanently attached to the machine, eliminating the need to store and maintain a separate grease gun.  The control software alerts the operator when lubrication is necessary.


The machine is equipped with front safety mats, rear and lateral fence, and head shroud cover, as well as these additional safety systems: push buttons for emergency stop, software and hardware to monitor the safety distance, check sensors for the vacuum and compressed air level.


The electrical cabinet is integrated in the left hand side of the machine base and is tested according to the strict international regulations (EN 60204).


The BUSELLATO JET ROUTER employs a heavy duty, digital, programmable frequency static converter (inverter) and includescontrol that the motor has stopped, braking resistance and automatic reset in case of emergency.


Mobile console for PC allows the operator to position the programming and control station according to the workflow of materials at any given time.  The control PC consists of:

-  Windows operating system

-  Pentium Dual Core processor

-  5 Gb RAM memory

-  500 Gb Hard Drive

- High resolution 19” LCD color screen (1280x1024)

-  1 serial port for communication with the inverter and 1 parallel port for  peripheral external connections

-  5 USB 2.0 ports, with one externally mounted on the control panel for easy access

-  1 Ethernet RJ45 port for connecting to office network


Allows remote connection between the machine’s PC and Casadei-Busellato’s Authorized Service Center allowing direct intervention on the control for checking parameters of the whole machine, single programs and installation of eventual software updates.  Internet access and connection is the responsibility of the customer.


Working Field X                                 3710mm                     146”

Working Field Y                                 1320mm                     51.96”

Z axis stroke                                        180 mm                                                            7.09”

Linear Speed X/Y/Z                             60/50/15 m/min                               196/164/49 ft/min

Vector Speed                                       78 m/min                   255 ft/min


Electrical service requires 3 phase power

Amperage(@17kW load)       208V/230V/460V             48 amp/47 amp/26 amp 

Amperage for ONE vacuum pump               208V/230V/460V             30 amp/28 amp/14 amp

Dust Collection

Connection dia. to machine head         250mm                     9.8

Dust extraction air velocity                 29 m/sec                    5708 ft/min

Dust extraction rate                             5300 m³/hr                3120 cfm

Compressed Air, dry and filtered

Line diameter                                         19mm                          ¾”

Pressure                                                  6.2 bar                       90 psi

Rate                                                     210L/min                      7 cfm



Router table is 146” x 52” with rear, LH and RH lateral stops and is machined from heavy-duty, thick phenolic with gasket channels throughout the table for re-configuring the vacuum area.  The rectangular grid is made of 60mm sections.NC jcontrolled retractable stops (8 rear stops (X) and 4 lateral ones (Y) 2 on the right/ 2 on the left) Total 12 stops. Stops stroke 90 mm.


The vacuum areas are manually selected or from PC and allow to adapt the vacuum area to the piece dimensions, maximizing the seal. The working table is dived into 4 horizontal and 3 vertical areas.

FB1206  Additional front reference stops (right sided)

Additional, retractable reference stops controlled by NC.


  1. 2 frontal stops and 1 lateral stop l/h ,
  2. 2 frontal stops and 1 lateral stop r/h .

Total 6 stops.

 FB1208 SIX (6) Reference stops inside the table

Retractable reference stops inside the table controlled by NC.


  1. 6 stops integrated inside the table. Pieces aligned on machine side.

Stops positioning at 619 mm for machines with Y = 1320 mm;

approx. from front working table (see specific scheme).

F1209 Two (2) Additional rear perimetral stops

FB1213High power vacuum of 500/600 m3/h 50/60 Hz

(2)250 m3/h oil less vacuum pumps, complete with:

- Internal inlet check valve

- Inlet filter with clear cover to monitor dust accumulation.

- Each pump generates 173 SCFM.


FB1261 26 TJ boring head with integrated saw unit

- Working unit for vertical and horizontal drilling with 26 independent spindles.

- Made in light aluminum alloy with high mechanical properties, the unit is equipped with:

  • 18 spindles with vertical outlets in a “H” configuration, 32 mm pitch, of which 10 spindles are along the X axis and 4 spindles along the Y axis on one end of the “H” configuration and 4 more at the other end.
  • 2 double-outlet heads for horizontal drilling orientated in "X" axis, 32mm pitch.
  • 2 double-outlet head for horizontal drilling orientated in "Y" axis.
  • 1 integrated saw unit for 125mm diam. blade in “X” axis.

- All spindles rotate simultaneously and in alternate sequence, right and left. The independent insertion movement of each spindle, by means of pneumatic cylinders, allows both single and multiple boring.

- Control of the spindles by an electro-valve and cylinder with single thrust chamber for a drilling force of 43kg (95lb) per spindle.

- The working unit is rotated by an asynchronous 2.2 kW (3hp) electric motor controlled by inverter.

- The motor, in turn, activates the transmission made of special steel gears with wide, slanting, rectified and thermally hardened teeth.

- The tool attachment is designed for 10mm cylindrical shanks.

- Vertical spindle stroke 60mm

- Horizontal spindle stroke 75mm

- Busellato utilizes Z-axis pre-setting which pre-positions the drill(s) over the surface of the panel thus saving vertical travel distance when drilling.  This feature enhances drilling quality while saving drilling cycle time. 

 Electrospindle11kW (15hp) - HSK F63 (pre-arrangement for 4th axis included)

- Mounted directly to the Z carriage, unit slides on linear bearing blocks and two high precision, hardened, steel linear guides which guarantee an equal loading capacity in all 4 directions.

- Tool locking is by Belleville washers, unlocking by pneumatic piston. Three proximity sensors assure correct tool coupling.

- Maximum power                      11kW (15Hp)

- Rotation speed                         1,000-24,000 rpm.

- Driver                                         three phase motor controlled by inverter

- Rotation sense                           right and left

- Spindle lubrication                    permanent greasing

- Front/rear bearings                   ceramic/ceramic

 16-position RotaryTool Changer on the back of the Y beam for high speed tool changes - HSK F63

  • Automatic 16 position tool changer for electrospindle with HSK F63 attachment.
  • The unit is completely enclosed and opens only during a tool change.
  • Equipped with an air blower to guarantee that the cone is clean before being loaded in the electrospindle.
  • The unit structure is exceptionally strong to accommodate heavy aggregates.
  • Collect pitch 88  mm
  • tool diam. 140 mm

 FB1237 Rear Rotary Tool Changer on the back of the machine –HSK F63

               Collet pitch 160 mm

Automatic 16 position rotary tool changer for electrospindle with HSK F63 attachment. The rotary tool changer with collets totally submerged in the metallic structure is situated at the rear on the machine’s beam. Equipped with an air blower to guarantee that the cone is clean before being loaded in the electrospindle. The especially strong structure allows the use of large sized tools and aggregates.

Collet pitch 160 mm.

Max. tool diam. 300 mm.

 FB0456  Air conditioning for the electrical cabinet

- Maintains clean, consistently cool air in electrical cabinet

- Keeps humidity low inside cabinet, extending life of electrical components

 FB0139  Auto-transformer for 208/220/240/408/440/480V 50/60HZ - 30 kVA.

 FB0498   Tool Length Presetting Device

Remote push-button panel

- Axis speed control over-ride

- Includes hook and magnet for easy placement of panel when not in use

- The following redundant controls for convenient operation of the pendulum cycle

- E-stop

- Safety mat reset (after loading part)

- Program start

- Program pause

 FB1294 PANEL EVACUATION DEVICE for automatic unloading of the nest with integrated dust extraction.

ž Automatic evacuation of a 10’ panel after nesting. Mounted on the left hand side of the beam, it slides on pre-loaded ball runner blocks and on two very high precision linear guides made of rectified and hardened steel which guarantee an equal loading capacity in all 4 directions.  

ž Dust extraction system integrated into the panel evacuation device which cleans the spoilboard during the automatic offloading cycle

ž The dust extraction system is equipped with an automatic partial selection system. 

 FB1335 Panel CLEANING DEVICE at the exit of the machine consisting of a dust hood covering the entire width of the panel.

 FB1295Belt conveyor for pieces unloading on X=3710 /Y=1320 mm

Motorized system for the transport of machined pieces from the machine to the unloading station. Composed of a belt conveyor with automatic feeding managed by photo electrical switch, that detects the pieces on the conveyor. It is possible to manage manually the feeding of the conveyor by push button.



The “Genesis Evolution”Numerical Control incorporates leading-edge, true PC-control on the Busellato, avoiding proprietary PLC control systems.  Review major features below:

CAD integrated in the control with mirroring, rotation, repetition functions, etc.

“Multitasking” operating system for using the control even when the machine is working

-  Graphical display of the 6 workable faces

-  2D and 3D display of the piece being worked

Parametric programming which permits the use of mathematical, trigonometric, inverse trigonometric and logical formula and the use of 300 variables.

-  Programming on horizontal, vertical faces and virtual faces which can be rotated, very helpful for when using aggregates.

-  Programming of linear, circular, oval and ellipse routings on the three Cartesian axes

-  Programming of tool radius with automatic correction

-  Possibility of excluding the display of some types of machining

-  Multi-level zoom function                                                                                               

Conditioned programming (IF/EndIF Blocks) associated with the use of Macros

-  Absolute or incremental programming

-  Creating of sub-programs by the operator with the possibility of multiplication, mirroring and rotation of the above

-  Up to 10,000 program lines (expandable) are programmable

-  Customer can personalize error messages

-  Easy identification of stored programs using “preview” function

-  Archiving of programs with names up to 256 characters long

-  In line recall of the machine set-up and tool specifications

-  Management of up to 500 tools

-  Graphical display of set up of tool changers

-  Tool graphical archive with the possibility of parameterizing up to 9000 different types of tools

Pocket cycle in defined planes

-  Pocket cycle with three modes- Simple pocket, relief and reverse relief

Programming of all TRUE TYPE ANSI fonts installed in PC (up to 255)

- Linear or curved text orientation

Management of distances between characters, height, size, bold, italics

- Built-in oscilloscope capable of monitoring the logical input/output status and the dynamic axes’ parameters

- Visualization of the rpm and absorbed current of the aggregates and spindle

- Importation or files from previous Busellato CNC versions (Genesis, Winner90, CNC 90)

- Calculation of time required for program execution

Program simulation of working cycle

- Manual and machine diagnostic functions in real time with graphic help

- Management and diagnostic synoptics which makes using the machine easier

- Program list management and variable control from the list

- Automatic control of the working speed to optimize the routing path.

 FB1255JET NESTING Free Form

Advanced Nesting function True Shape integrated on the Jet CAD editor for optimisation of the programmed pieces for Nesting machines. The True Shape function allows free angle positioning and of generic figures within the rectangular Nesting sheet.

Including rectangular Nesting Base and label creation function.



Online Software Training:

Online training avoids travel expenses and allows training sessions in shorter segments; especially effective for those familiar with Busellato software or any CAD or CNC programming software.  We offer up to 8 hours of online training in 2-hour minimum sessions.  These online sessions are conducted by a qualified software trainer and offer the flexibilty of changing screens from trainer to trainee during the session.  In addition, we offer tutorial videos on many advanced features that can be accessed on our website at anytime.


The entire installation and on-site training process will be completed within 32 labor hours, unless otherwise agreed in writing.  Our technicians use a comprehensive checklist to commission the machine and train your operators on the operation.  Some of the topics covered:Traini

- Machine safety and operation

- Lubrication procedures and maintenance schedule

- Tooling installation and parameters

- Review of electrical, parts and instruction manuals

- Control cabinet layout and major electrical components

- Processing of your programmed parts



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