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 The Joos HP Ökotherm 2000 is the standard machine in the woodworking industry for the pressing of veneers, papers or layer materials on all flat work pieces. The Ökotherm is equipped with hard, high-quality anodized hot water heating platens. The gold anodized system renders the surface of the valuable heating platen extremely hard and offers long-term protection.

The Essential Advantages Are
  • No Groove Build-up
  • Reduced Separating Agent Consumption
  • Shorter Operating Cycle
  • No Wear & Tear of Foil
  • Higher Quality Veneering

       Even when incorrectly loaded, the Joos presses offer maximum operational safety. With its unique design the pistons are not bolted to the press table. Instead they dynamically act on a milled contact surface under the pressing table. A column guide prevents the platen from tilting or being displaced. Synchronous operation of the platen is provided by a high-precision toothed rack parallel guidance system. This technique provides the platen with a full range for expansion in all directions. The Ökotherm is also equipped with an A.B.S. Safety System to prevent damage to the heating plates and/or platen caused by closing the press onto forgotten or incorrectly positioned objects on the platen. In such a case, the press will automatically open before there is time for any damage to occur. It eliminates most of the problems caused by uneven or mis-loading of the press.

The Joos Ökotherm can be equipped with a patented heating system which takes hot water as the heat source and uses it in the Ökotherm heating platen. The combination of different NE-profile systems with specific heat conductor profiles results in an extremely light heating platen. To reach the same temperatures as conventional heating platens, this small mass consumes up to 60% less energy. The water permanently circulates throughout the heating platen and in doing so, regulates the optimum temperature spread across the surface of the anodized cover plates.

HP-150's Features
  • Gold-Anodized Heating Platens (Extremely Resistant to Scratches & Abrasions)
  • "Joos ABS Safety System" for Platen Protection
  • Dynamic Piston Bearing
  • Clearly Visible, Swiveling Switch Cabinet
  • Multiple Heating Options: Electric / Hot Water / Thermal Oil
  • Electronic Temperature Control Systems
  • Design as One-Daylight Press or Multi-Daylight Press
  • Variable Hoist Limiting

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