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Flexa 17 RM7 Edgebander

The Flexa 17 Series is an affordable yet flexible solution for the small shop with capabilities to band tape, 1-3mm pvc, laminate and wood strips up to 5mm. This unit includes a unique profiling end trim unit which provides a finished edge that mimicks those produced by much higher priced banders with corner rounding.  The Flexa 17 Series provides and entry level, heavy duty edgebander with a price to match.


Unit 1:           Pre-Milling Unit

Unit 2:           Glue applicator and pressure rollers

Unit 3:           Edgebanding trimming guillotine

Unit 4:           End trimmer

Unit 5:           (2) Motor top and bottom trimmer

Unit 6: (1)      Profile/ Radius Scrape

Unit 7: (1/2)   Glue Scrape

Unit 8: (1/2)   Buffing 


Flexa 17 RM7

●    Working height

8 - 50 mm

0.3 -  2”

●    Coil edge thickness

.4 - 3mm

.015” - .12”

●    Strip edge thickness

.4 – 5mm

.015” - .20”

●    Max overhang top and bottom (total top and bottom)

4 (2+2) mm


●    Min panel width



●    Min panel length



●    Feed speed

7 m/ min

23 f/min

●       Pre-Milling Unit



      o       Motor size


3 HP

      o       Cutting speed


7,000 RPM

      o       Tool cutting height



●       Glue Tank



      o       Glue capacity

.8 kg


●       End Trimming Unit IK/200



      o       Motor size (each)


.25 HP

      o       Cutting speed


12,000 RPM

●       Top and Bottom Trimming TT/K



      o       Motor size (each)


.45 HP

      o       Cutting speed


12,000 RPM

●       Edgescraping SCR/K



●       Brushing Unit



      o       Motor size (each)


.2 HP

      o       Speed


1,400 RPM




  • Thick, welded Steel Frame
  • Ergonomic PLC Controller
  • Panel support conveyor for entire machine length
  • Chain and Pad feed belt with industrial high grip rubber
  • Manual adjustment of the pressure beam w/ readout
  • Auto pos. of the working units w/ reference to panel
  • High Frequency Motors w/ Inverter
  • Individual dust ports for each unit
  • Sound & safety enclosure
  • Lockable switch cabinet
  • Equipped with
    • Teflon coated glue pot and edge processing magazine
    • Pre-milling unit
    • Flush end trimming unit
    • 2- Motor Top and bottom trimming unit
    • Edge scraping unit
    • Glue scrape unit
    • Brushing unit


CA1418    Execution complying to US regulations (UL/CSA) Safety Standards

CA3537    Automatic edge feeding unit for strip feed

CA4124    Quick Release for glue pot

CA4641    Edge Scraping Unit

CA4642    Glue Scraping Unit

CA3536    Brushing / Buffing Unit “BFK”


E-Stop on main control panel
230 V – 3 Ph– 60 Hz


In feed and construction

  • Industrial grade in feed system
  • Chain and Pad feed belt system with precision positioning
  • Steel top pressure beam complete with two rows of rubber coated wheels and automatic positioning of units
  • Robust panel support which can be extended according to the size of the parts, the entire length of the machine

PLC Controller

  • Ergonomic positioning on infeed side of machine
  • Glue temp. control w/ temp standby feature
  • Unit operation and feed track start/ stop
  • Digital readouts
  • Parameter/ setting control
  • E-stop

Pre-Milling Unit

  • Two diamond tooling
  • Time intervention w/ jump feature
  • 4 adjustable positions (.5 / 1 / 1.5 / 2) mm cutting depth
  • Time blower to cleaning panel surface
  • Vertical adjustment of tool position to maximize tool life
  • 3 hp

Glue Unit

  • Two Steel Pressure rollers
  • Teflon coated glue pot
  • Stand bye glue temperature regulator to reduce glue temperature if machine is not in use
  • Automatic recovery of glue
  • 1.76 Lb. Glue Capacity

Strip Loading Device

  • .4 – 5mm strip feed capacity
  • Ability to feed a stack of strips automatically
  • PLC Controlled

End Trimming Unit

  • Independent high frequency motor supplied w/ blade
  • Radius trimming provides a rounded edge mimicking the corner rounding function.
  • Flush cutting for .4mm – 5mm thick banding
  • Units slide on two cylindrical guideways for precision cutting
  • Mounted to the base for vibration free machining
  • .25 HP

Top and Bottom Trimming Unit

  • Independent high frequency motors
  • Vertical copy pads for accurate positioning
  • Dust extraction hood
  • Digital readout for precise, manual positioning
  • 3mm combination tooling standard for multi positioning with one cutter (.4mm – 3mm)
  • 12,000 RPM and .45HP each

Edge Scraping Unit

  • For finishing 1mm – 3mm PVC/ ABS edging
  • Front and vertical copy devices for accurate positioning of knives
  • Complete with digital readouts for accurate positioning and manual adjustment
  • Dust extraction port
  • Manual exclusion unit
  • Supplied with 3mm tooling

Glue Scraping Unit

  • With rolling copy pads
  • Improves panel cleaning
  • Eliminates excess glue between the panel and the edge
  • 4 sided knives can be turned to expose a fresh blade

Buffing Unit

  • For cleaning panel to reduce manual labor of finished parts
  • Tiltable for accurate positioning
  • High frequency motor
  • 1,400 RPM each
  • .20 HP motor each


Seller warrants, for a period of one (1) year beginning on the date the Machinery is accepted, that the Machinery will be free of defects in workmanship and materials, excluding belts, bearings, and common electrical parts, which carry a six-month warranty. This warranty does not include parts consumed during normal operation (wearable items), working units, or maintenance required in the ordinary course of operation.  Seller shall warrant any replacement spare parts and accessories installed pursuant to this warranty for the period of ninety (90) days. 


Tooling, including blades, is not included unless noted.  Upon request, we can supply a quotation of the most suitable tools required for use on this machine. 

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