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Stationary glue-spreading machine
-  with 1 fixed gluing head
-  for gluing any furniture component
-  for PVA adhesives (white wood glue)
-  with efficient cleaning system
Fixed gluing head (intended as fixed not sliding back and forth with respect to the position of the glue gun with nozzle) are suitable for any profile and joint with
length between 15 mm and 35 mm.

Main technical features: 

Frame (base and upper platform) made in plate coated with non-toxic epoxy powder

One pressurized glue tank where the glue is contained, placed in the base of the machine, tanks can have different capacities according to the number of gluing heads

One pressurized tank where the water is contained, placed in the base of the machine, to feed the cleaning and wash off system

One gluing head, fixed one, comprising a pneumatic glue injector with adjustable glue flow and with independently adjustable positioning according to the size and shape of the wooden element to be glued, onto which the nozzle is fastened

One metal support with chrome-plated finish, on which to slide and move the elements to be glued. Each support is independently adjustable according to the size and shape of the wooden element to be glued and according to the profiling of the wood element that is going to lay on the support

This gluing machine can be equipped with a wide range of accessories

Easy to use, pneumatic operation, no electrical connection required

Simple, fast, clean, durable and profitable system.

Glue application system

Automatic system with fixed gluing heads (the heads are and independent), for horizontal gluing

Dispensing and dosing of glue by means of nozzles always made-to-measure according to the customer’s needs and in perfect combination following the shape of each single profile, mortise and tenons. Any PIZZI nozzle is resulting the exact counter profile of each single wood element to be glued

The glue is dispensed to the nozzle by means of the glue injector

The delivery of the glue is activated simply by placing and then pushing the piece of wood on the nozzle (patented system).

Available adjustments

1)  Glue flow adjustment on each injector

2)  Glue flow adjustment on each nozzle matching to the height of the piece of wood to be glued

3)  Glue dosing time by means of a flow regulator that controls the glue gun opening time


Always made-to-measure to exactly match to the customer’s wood profiles

On each nozzle, it is also possible to carry out micro-adjustments of glue according to the shape and the dimensions of the profiles, therefore fulfilling the customer technical needs

All the nozzles are interchangeable on each head of the machine

Nozzle screw and fasten easily on the injector head, the injector head has a very strong and resistant brass thread.

Glue characteristics:

This gluing machine only works with PVAc (Polyvinyl acetate) adhesives, 1 component, best known as wood glue, white glue.

Viscosity between 4.000 and 10.000 mPa s, at a working temperature of 20° C / 68° F.

Injectors and nozzles cleaning system:

Double efficient nozzle cleaning system:

(A) simple system, tilting the gluing heads (= nozzle + injector) and leave to soak in the metal tray. Nozzles remain therefore immersed in a cleaning agent detergent in order to avoid the drying of the adhesive during short breaks

(B) second adjustment of the cleaning system which allows nozzles and injectors to be completely flushed and cleaned, eliminating glue residue and dirt, so to avoid drying of the glue during longer breaks (for example the end of the day)

Note: the washing system does not empty all the glue contained in the machine and in its hoses anyway, so not to unnecessarily waste all the glue, especially in parts of the machine where the glue remains under pressure and well-sealed, therefore, there glue cannot dry.

Materials used for the manufacture of the nozzles

Nozzles, as standard, are made of aluminum.

In some cases, they can be made of brass, stainless steel, thermoplastic compounds which, especially when used with D3 and D4 PVAc, glues which, while offering excellent standard in terms of adhesion, contain more aggressive and corrosive agents, because compounded through the targeted addition of catalysts and hardeners.

In this case, the use of nozzles in brass, stainless steel, thermoplastic compounds is needed, in order to guarantee higher resistance and durability over time to corrosion and abrasion.

Great benefits, here point by point the advantages of our system:
- Huge time and glue savings (up to 60%) during the production process, shorter dead times;
- Automatic glue dosing and spreading, without cleaning problems;
- No waste of glue;
- Precise, uniform and constant glue application, always with the correct glue amount;
- Outstanding glue bonding for an excellent quality of the finished product, for any PVA glue application
(white wood glue) and on any type of profiles and joints and up to complex ones, even with porous surfaces;
- Fast machine operations, easy handling and clean gluing;
- One-man operation with high performances, processing times are drastically reduced (-80%) compared to
any manual application and the use of conventional and outdated tools and devices;
- User-friendly, easy and fast operations for changing nozzles, accessories and any part while working with different
wooden element to be glued;
- Very efficient wash-off system, not complicated, for short and long breaks and periods of non-use;
Minimum maintenance and cleaning, very easy maintenance;
- A closed, sealed system that has proven itself, worldwide well tested "in the field";
- Ergonomic and compact machine design;
- Efficient and economical production, today, more essential than ever!
An investment that pays off!

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