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Casadei ALA 20 Plus Edgebander

The Casadei ALA 20 Plus is a compact, Single Sided Edgebander, developed for reliable performance and high quality edging for the small shop. The working units allow for flexibility in the application of different types of edgebanding makes changing from thin tape to 3mm or solid wood quick and easy. This compact, feature packed edgebanding solution is designed for shops with limited floor space and budget, yet requiring high quality output.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT:                                                                                                      

  • PLC control panel on machine infeed side                  
  • Machine frame made of high rigidity monoblock steel to guarantee an excellent support for the operating units
  • Top thick steel pressure beam with 2 rows of rubber wheels
  • High performance toothed feed belt interlaced w/ steel cables   
  • Manual adjustment of top beam with automatic positioning of the operating units according to the selected panel thickness          
  • Mechanical digital indicator of the selected panel thickness
  • Centralized dust extraction                           
  • Panel support roller which can be extended on the entire length of the machine   
  • Safety enclosure
  • Electrical cabinet with padlockable main switch and overload protection
  • Emergency push buttons


CA4120   2 cutters for trimming R = 2mm

CA4122   2 cutters for glue scraping R = 2mm


·        Work table dimensions / height

2600 x 530 / 904 mm

102 x 21”/ 36”

·        Banding thickness, coils

·        Banding thickness, strips

0.4/3 mm

5 mm


·        Working thickness

·        Workthickness w/ edgescraping

12-50 mm

16-50 mm

½ – 2”

.63 – 2”

·        Min panel length/width

190/65 mm

7½ / 2½”

·        Feed speed/power

7 mpm

23 fpm/0.3 Hp

·        End cutting speed/power

12000 rpm

.5 Hp

·        Trimmer speed/power

12000 rpm

1 Hp

·        Brushing speed/power

2800 rpm

.2 Hp

·        WIDIA tool diameter, T&B trimming / end trimming

75 mm Z4 / 90 mm Z20

·        Glue pot

.5 Kg

1.1 lbs

·        Working Temperature

20 - 190° C

68 - 375° F

·        Dust extraction outlet

·        Machine Weight

120 mm & 60mm


5” & 2.4”

1050 lbs

·        Electrical:


23 Amps @ 230V – 3ph- 60hz


GLUE POT UNIT, EDGE LOADING AND PRESSING SYSTEM:                                  

  • Hot melt glue with quick heat up system and internally Teflon coated to allow an easy glue replacement
  • Glue application on the panel by means of glue spreading roller
  • Digital thermostat to control the temperature of the applied glue
  • Device for automatic recovery of unused glue
  • Automatic loading system for coiled edges with shear device for edges with max. thickness of 3 mm and edge saving device to reduce material waste
  • Two edges pressure rollers equipped with mechanical pressure adjustment
  • Manual loading system for edge strips (solid wood & laminate)
  • Coil holder plate ø 730 mm
  • Infeed fence adjustment depending on edge thickness. Adjustments are show on numerical readout.
  • Manual selector to reduce glue pot temperature after a temporary non-use of the machine                 

Technical Specifications:

  • Power consumption       2 kW
  • Glue capacity approx.    6 lbs

END TRIM UNIT                                                             

  • Equipped with motor for 90 deg. End trimming of front and rear edge
  • The blade positioning and alignment are adjustable with reference to the edge thickness by numerical indicator
  • Blade included

  Technical Specifications:

  • Motor power                 5 hp
  • Blades rotation speed   12,000   RPM
  • Flush Trim

TOP AND BOTTOM ROUGH TRIMMING UNIT                                                       

  • Equipped with vertical and horizontal copying pad devices for perfect tool alignment
  • The unit is complete with combined cutters 72mm in diameter.
  • Part of the blade is used to trim radius edging and thin edging. The straight side is used to trim wood edging up to 5mm.
  • The simple axial movement of the tools allows changeover between radius edging and wood edging. The thickness is shown by 2 numerical readouts.

 Technical Specifications:

  • Combination cutter
  • Motor power (shared)    1 hp
  • Cutters rotation speed   12,000   RPM
  • 2mm tooling included

BRUSHING UNIT                                                                           

  • Two independent motors for the cleaning and polishing of the edge

Technical Specifications:

  • Motor power (each)  2 hp
  • Rotation speed         2,800 RPM



Seller warrants, for a period of one (1) year beginning on the date the Machinery is accepted, that the Machinery will be free of defects in workmanship and materials, excluding belts, bearings, and common electrical parts, which carry a six-month warranty. This warranty does not include parts consumed during normal operation (wearable items), working units, or maintenance required in the ordinary course of operation.  Seller shall warrant any replacement spare parts and accessories installed pursuant to this warranty for the period of ninety (90) days. 


Tooling, including blades, is not included unless noted.  Upon request, we can supply a quotation of the most suitable tools required for use on this machine. 

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