Dual-Blade Industrial Miter Saw



Last generation 14" Compound Double Mitre Saw fitted with one fixed head on the left and on movable head on the right. The movable head rides on precision ball bushing for the smoothness of movement. Positive stops for all the main angles are standard on both heads. One standard pneumatic vertical clamp on each head guarantees stability to the workpiece. The system can be equipped with a wide variety of options, such as additional horizontal or vertical pneumatic clamps, increased cutting length, air over oil descent of the heads, brackets for short pieces and spray mist system. The versatility of this unit makes it the perfect choice for any precision mitering application.

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Max. distance between saws 9' 2"
Min. distance between saws 23 1/2"
Min. distance between saws 45 Deg. 23 1/2"
Cross cut capacity 90 Deg. 6 1/2"
Cross cut capacity 45 Deg. 4 3/4"
Max. Depth of Cut 4 11/16"
Motor Power HP 2 x 4 HP
Max. Beveled Cross Cut 6 1/2"
Saw Bore 1"
Saw Diameter 370 mm (15")
Arbor Speed RPM 3200
Dust Chute 2 x 3 1/8"
Crated Dimensions 152" X 45" X 65"
Approx. Shipping Weight Lbs. 1,430

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