PMI-T3L Double Miter Saw

Pat Mooney Saw Brochure
pmiT3L                                                                       PMI Brochure PIC


Double head saw designed for cutting 45 degree miters
Saw heads move through the material horizontally (cross cut) to allow for cutting large sections of material
Saw heads move on linear guideways
Automatic cut length positioning
Moveable saw head slides on linear guideways to ensure accurate movements

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Saw Blade Sizes 16" x 1" each
Saw Motor 3 HP x 2
Saw Blade Speed 3600 RPM
Control Mode of Length and Angle M15 Automatic
Cutting Capacity

Min cutting length 20", cutting size 3-1/2" x 8"

Max cutting length 138" (other sizes available)

Machine Weight
3960 lbs.
pmit3l cut chart
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