PMI-T5 Double Head Compound Miter Saw

Pat Mooney Saw Brochure
pmiT5                                                                       PMI Brochure PIC


Each saw head is capable of rotating +-45 degrees automatically and tilting from +-45 degrees
Automatic cut length positioning
5 axis servomotor control
 Easy to use touch screen control
Movable saw head slides on linear guideways to ensure accurate movements

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Saw Blade Sizes 20" x 1" each
Saw Motor 5 HP x 2
Saw Blade Speed 2840 RPM
Control Mode of Length and Angle Servomotor
Cutting Capacity

90 Degree cuts 5-1/2" x 5-1/2"

45 Degree cuts 4"x8"

Max cut length 157" (optional 236")

Min cut lenth 17-3/4" at 90 degree

Min cut length 31-1/2" when cutting at 135 degrees


Machine Weight
pmit5 cut chart
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