OMGA V 2015 NC


The V 2015 NC is engineered for maximum production requirements of picture frames and other mitered components. The system is capable of producing up to 1000 frames per hour making the V 2015 NC, the fastest mitering system in the world.

The NC system increases the productivity and flexibility of the V 2015 NC.  It also includes a four-way hopper for fully-automated production. 

The V 2015 NC also features a fully automated mitering system including optimizing for maximum yield, high-speed feed carriage, and zero change-over time between jobs.

Blade angle is automatically adjusted and all calculations are optimized according to the chosen angle (90, 30 or 22 1/2 degrees).

The control interface includes an 8" screen showing all relevant production information.

Technical Data

Max cutting width 1 31/32"
Max cutting height 1 3/8"
Motor power HP 2 x 3 HP
Saw blade bore 30 mm
Saw blades Diameter 350 mm
Auto mitre position N/A
Overall dimensions 315" x125" x84"
Crated dimensions N/A
Crated dimensions Hopper N/A
Dust chute 3 x 4"
Max feed stroke 39"

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