Optimizing Saw


T 421 SNC

Last Generation automatic programmable cut-off saw for precision length cutting of wood stock. Suitable for any production requirement. The machine is equipped with a controller capable of performing two work cycle programs. The onboard computer is able to store cutting lists with lengths and the relevant quantity of parts. Cutting lists can be input direct for the NC keypad or with direct serial connection to a remote PC. The system is available in 13' or 20' useable lengths.

Max. piece thickness 4 1/2"
Max. piece width 10 5/8"
Max. infeed length 14' - 20'
Max. feed Speed 200 FPM
Saw blade motor power 4 HP
Saw blade diameter 16'
Feed motor power 1 HP cc
Cutting Speed 0.5 - 1 sec.
Average number of cuts 15 - 20 / min.

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