14" Double Blade Notching Saw           


Pat Mooney Saw Brochure

pmi14C PMI Brochure PIC

Ideal machine for notching applications
The two saw heads feed vertically on precision ground shafts
The saw blades are staggered and positioned at 45 degrees to reduce waste
Adjustable neumatic clamps allows the operator to adjust to lower clamp pressures to avoid distortion of thin wall materials
Saw blade feed controlled via adjustable pneumatic cylinder for faster cycle times
Precise micro-drip blade lubrication system
Standard vertical and horizontal clamps
Large cutting capacity - 8" maximum height

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                                            PMI-14C Cut Chart
Saw Blade Size 14” X 1” Bore
Saw Motor 2 HP (each saw blade)
Saw Blade Speed 3200 RPM
Cutting Angle 45 degrees
Cutting Capacity


8" maximum height

Machine Weight 770 lbs
pmi14c cut chart

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