SCM Group - Solution HD

Easy & Efficient Edgebanding For Small To Medium Shops


A standard edgebanding solution for small-and medium-sized businesses. Compact and easy-to-use, the Solution HD can function as a full-time production unit as well as an "on-demand" machine.


The Solution HD fits a wide variety of production requirements, making it a great machine today and as your shop grows.  It's affordable price means it pays for itself quickly

Multiple production options can be specified at the control or managed manually

The advanced control provides a 3D preview of the production operation while speeding set-up and changeover

Technical Data

Maximum Working Speed

25 m/min

S-Version: Maximum Working Speed

30 m/min

Coil Thickness

0.3 - 3 mm

Pre-cut strip thickness

.04 – 1 mm

Solid wood thickness

22 mm

Standard panel thickness 

10 – 60 mm


Panel Length - Min/Max

145 – 3200 mm

Panel Width – Min/Max

95 – 1200 mm

Pneumatic system

6 MPa

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